Protein powder for Women

During my years in fitness I’ve met lots of women with the desire to get a healthier toned body. Many of these women are aware of the importance of leading an active life by running, swimming, going to the gym or maybe biking. But what about the diet? Almost all of the women I’ve met have had 1 thing in common: they don’t realize the importance of a high protein diet. It’s not uncommon for women to progress so much slower than they should, because of a lack of protein. I know how frustrating that can be. Believe me, it doesn’t have to be that way. I recommend the best protein powder for women, because it’s a delicious and easy way to get the protein necessary for you body, while keeping the carbohydrate and fat intake low.


What is the best protein powder for female use?


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What is the best protein powder for women is a question I often get. There are tons of brands and products out there and it can be a jungle, so it’s no wonder people get confused. In my opinion 2 brands are of much better quality than the rest. They are both high quality brands with a great taste! Click the brand in the box above to learn more.


Myths about women and protein powder

Before I introduce you to what I consider the best protein powder a women can use, I will bust a few myths all too common. No, it’s not some kind of dangerous drug (Yes, some people actually believe that). It’s perfectly natural protein extracted from natural sources. Just like what you find in nuts, meat, eggs and diary products like milk. You just get the benefit of avoiding all the extra calories from the fat and carbs in those products so you can achieve that lean and sexy look. Most people mix it with water or milk and get a tasty and healthy shake. And no protein powder will not make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  No, it is not just for bulky men. Stop thinking of protein as masculine nutrient that is only beneficial to men. It’s a vital part of everyone’s diet – men, women and children alike, just like fat and carbohydrates are a vital part of everyone’s diet. Women especially have a tendency get much less protein than they should, but too much fat and too many carbs. Which is why it can be a great to alter you diet by cutting a meal or snack heavy in carbs and fat and instead enjoy a protein shake. And no, the shakes do not taste bad. In fact, people are often surprised how great the taste is.



This girl has been eating her protein powder



Achieving the toned look


Take a moment and imagine a beautiful female body. Think about the stomach, the legs, the arms and the bottom. If you arelike most men and women, you’re imagining a body that has female shapes, but is still somewhat firm. That lean look is what you want. No matter how far away or close to that goal body you are now, you need protein to get there. protein powder is an easy, tasty and healthy way of getting there. There’s no fat and in many brands only a few small amount of carbohydrates.


When to use protein powder

Generally, I recommend women to aim for at least one shake a day. It could be for breakfast. A protein shake, a slice or two of wholewheat bread and some fruit makes for an excellent breakfast with lots of vitamins and protein. Or for lunch. Cut down on the white bread and have a shake with whatever else you’re eating instead of the white bread. Having a shake after a workout is also recommendable. As long as you are not cutting down on vegetables and fruit because of you the shake you’re having, you’re doing something right. Regardless of what time of day it is.I know women who’s had great success with using protein shake to get rid of an unhealthy habit. One woman had this habit of eating chocolate cake every day when she got off work. She tried stopping, but she always got so cranky and hungry. I told her to try and get some protein powder with chocolate flavor and try that instead. There are lot’s of healthy recipes with protein powder to choose from. She did just that and kicked her cake addiction and she looks great today.

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Protein powder for weight loss

It’s even healthy if you don’t work out! I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. People who are trying to lose weight, will often try to limit their intake of fat. Others will limit their intake of carbohydrates. Both can be efficient strategies, because the average overweight adult eats way too much of both. But for many, it’s really hard. But what about the protein? Usually that’s what’s lacking and that’s a huge part of the problem for people who just can’t achieve a nice weight loss. Protein makes you feel full. That is why you will automatically eat fewer calories per day, if there is a high amount of protein in your diet. That’s the truth regardless if you are a man or a woman. So it really is an effective strategy to use protein powder for weight loss. For more information on this topic take a look at protein powder for weight loss

I will keep this site updated with new and delicious healthy recipes, and information about new products. I encourage you to bookmark this site, so you remember to check back for updates. Because fitness and health is such a big part of my everyday life and job, I am very much up to speed with the developments in the female supplements.

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